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7:35 HD Video - 456 Hi Res Screencaps
Watch Brittany and her little pig-tails completely own Megan's pathetic submissive ass! Some of the blood pumping highlights are when Brittany spreads Megan's ass, pulls her hair, pushes her face down into the mattress, and makes Megan taste her own pussy!

This video will get you off no doubt! Shot in HD to mazimize your viewing pleasure! Njoy!    Take a listen!

      Set 2

22:49 HD Video - 700 Hi Res Screencaps
This video was supposed to be all ass spreading, squeezing, and rubbing... butt --> Megan could not keep her hands away from Brittany's hot little pussy! The girls switched it up and Brit started slapping and sqeezing Megan's C cup titties. Then the next thing you know, Brattiny was on her back and Megan was rubbing her pussy again!

Here is where it get's really good! Brit's hand slips down into her soaked and wet pussy and goes to work! The two girls rubbed out almost every thread of those wicked weasel bikinis!    Here is an audio preview!

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